I can be who I want to be!

on Thursday, March 31, 2011

Robert H. Schuller, the famous author once said "when you start to believe in yourself, your life will start to change!", indeed very true.

I remember when I was a little kid, my character represents timid, introvert, shy, passive and I felt uncomfortable to mingle around with strangers because I am very lacking of self-confidence.

Being brought up in a family where my parents work for money day and night, earning enough for all my 5 siblings was tough. I still remember when I was at the age of 7, finally having the courage to ask my mum to buy me a beautiful water container which I want to bring it to school, end up being rejected and I cried for such incident for the whole day. When I was around 10, my dad accidently ultered that "you dont have guts!", destroying my self-confident and create more sadness in me. Worst still, I had an elder sister that likes to "discipline" me while my parents were not at home. She is the "tigress" in our house... until today, lols...

Our past experience, be it what we heard, we saw or we felt affected us so much that sometimes we forgotten the "eagle" in us. We became the "chicken" that follows what others want, being fed with their ideas and ideologies, or perhaps being a victim by ourselves. This is true to me for a long long time...

After graduation, I attended many seminars for self-motivation and improvements. I started to tell myself " Hey, fly high eagle! You can be who you want to be!" I build my confident day after day. From speaking infront of a small crowd of 4-5, into a weekly assembly of 15-20, conducting short training to a group of 30-40, transforming myself to conduct training on stage to a crowd of 50-60, up to a crowd consists of 600 audiences. WOW! We can create live miracle ! I am fortunate and grateful that I had taken the steps to change. I couldnt image this can happen to me when I was a child or teenager. Even today, I think my parents will "faint on the spot" and dont believe that is me on the stage if they can have a chance to join my training programs...lols!

Today, I am addicted when I am on stage! I am totally a different person. When I am on stage I just felt that is the true me. I got excited on stage to share, to care and to deliver my best to the audience, because I know somehow there is a past "me" sitting infront of me, waiting the moments to make a decision to step out and be the new "me" and say "Yes, I can be who I want to be!"

Interest or Commitment

on Monday, February 28, 2011

For quite some time havent update my blogs. Today is the last day of February 2011, so perhaps I need to "fill up the blanks" for this month, and lets not talk about January, I totally forgotten to put anything here. Pehaps giving myself excuses it is our Chinese New Year month....

When I started to write blogs, I think it is something "cool", something worthwhile doing, to share and to give my views so that someone somewhere in this world can rejoice with what I experience, gain some useful insights from what I write, and felt good after reading. It is merely an interest for me. I still remember the first article put on blog, I was excited and keen to let many of my clients and friends know about it :)

Time passes, and the incident is like just yesterday. In fact it was in 2008, the year I started my company. If I say it is still interest in writing blogs, I dont feel the excitement anymore. I realise writing something good for people to read, should be a commitment for me now. My aim is to write something so that in the future, I could pick up part and parcel of my blogs to compile into a useful mini-book as a "legacy" from me, haha...:)

I think my experience sounds familiar to you? When we first involved in something we want, we have the strong "urge", the great momentum and feelings wanting to have it. We do "whatever it takes" just to get it. These includes getting a job, aiming for a promotion, getting a new boyfriend/girlfriend, etc... Then over the time, the intense feeling is not there, and we started to get "lost"!

I believe the next level we should move on is called "commitment". If we are mature enough to understand our feelings, we aware that feelings come and go, yet responsibility and commitment stays. Thus, commit to do something in our life is so important so that we will continue to strive towards our goals.

"I want to be a successful coach, trainer and people strategist to add values to other people's life, to bring joy and happiness to everyone and anyone who knows me!" Such simple commitment to say, take great courage to do. And writing blog is only part of what I am doing....cheers, and happy reading!

Gratitude and True Purpose

on Saturday, December 25, 2010

I decided to launch my new company website (www.yrs2u.com) with its logo in Christmas, so that I can remember this date easier 25.12.10. :) Well, this is not the most important part of the launching. The most precious gift I had in life, is having the opportunity to meet many great people in life, that supported me a lot when I started my own company.

Many individual that contributed their testimonial in my website, contributed to my success in life as well! I want to thank them in my blogs, so that their names will be remembered and always be blessed with good health, happiness and prosperity.

First person is Mr Tai Boon Wee, my great mentor in life. When I joined his company, I was still very lacking of leadership skills and self-confidence. Throughout the years, he had "franchise" his great philosophies and life values into me, creating strong impact to my life. I would say meeting this mentor is the key turning point to me, no wonder having mentors in life was so crucial!

"You want to do the right thing, or you want to do the easy job and know it is not right!, "The most powerful person in the company is not me, is Mr Logic!". He likes to quote King Solomon's famous saying " I have yet to meet a poor person who was consciously aware of time and I have yet to meet a wealthy person who was not consciously aware of time!". That is why until today i am also kind of "extreme" about punctuality, haha....the influence by him.

He is a person that values and appreciate family members so much that I was touch to hear his story about how he went all the way out to get medication for his dad. Perhaps this was the triggering point to me where I decided to spend more time with my parents. I am fortunate that my parents are still healthy today and I can do my little part to bring them for tour every year. Tomorrow we will be going to Yunnan for 8D7N, a very special way of welcoming year 2011! I remember someone told me this, if you want to have a successful life, have good completion with your parents.

Every individual is like part of a puzzles. Each puzzle need to play its part so that other puzzle can match and form the beautiful picture. When we do our part to the very best, others will be affected, they will start to change to be better, and perhaps everyone aroud them will be better too! The world will be a better place for everyone!

Again, thank you so much to you, Mr Tai! People Reengineering company was established with the basic purpose of achieving business sales and profit. Yet, its true purpose is to serve the mankind, bringing joy, love, happiness and transformation to lives.


on Monday, November 29, 2010

This is a "hibernation" week for me, spending most of my time at home(office) doing research and development related to talent management. Feeling so great.....lols! It has been my greatest interest and excitement to see how my customers are able to transform their ordinary employees into extra-ordinary performers through proper coaching, training and strategies. I like to explore many concepts in managing talent so that I can help some organization to increase their productivity and results.

Who can consider as "talent" in an organization? Sometimes recruiters thought that someone is talented and decided to take him in, then later found out that his skills, experience and knowledge doesnt match with the organization. That is why we always say "the right fit" is important. It lies on the "needs" and "requirements" of an organization rather than feeling right with the interviewee.

In general, there are 4 types of talent:-
1. Type "-" , such talent have a wide range of knowledge, however he does not have creativity, no in-deepth studies about a subject matter, unable to produce new results.

2. Type"I", such talent is an expert in one particuar subject matter, however his knowledge is just limited to such area, unable to associate his knowledge with other knowledge, very narrow into his own world.

3. Type "T", such talent not only have a wide range of knowledge, he is also an expert in one particular subject matter, however he does not have the courage to breakthrough or take risks to achieve results.

4. Type "+", such talent have wide range of knowledge, an expert in his subject matter, and have the courage to take risk, proactive, creative and able to breakthrough.
Which one describe you? :)
Make a plan for yourself to move from "-" to "+" and score flying colours for your career and life!


on Thursday, November 4, 2010

During the M2M session with my ex-students in HRM, I suddenly realise that getting the people with high energy together and share their successes can be such an awesome experience!
So the "what if?" pop-up in my mind.

"What if I can gather more undergraduates to learn and grow in a more organize and professsional way?" After my discuss with few of my mentees, my heart immediately ask me to go with it, "just fricking do it!" :)

This is the initial program with the intention of helping the undergraduates, with a very affordable tuition fees. My Rational:
1. To build participant’s self-confidence in public speaking
2. To unleash individual true potential through the journey of self-discovery
3. To provide useful interactive coaching for better career success

Entry Phase
1. “Creating Your Stage!” ~ Public Speaking (1 day)
a. New Mindset of Master Communicator
b. The Art of Learning and Sharing
c. The Essence of Effective Speech

2. “Be a WOW candidate!” Preparations for ANY Interviews (0.5 days)
a. The journey of being “ME”!
b. Creating new scripts for my future
c. Presenting the X.O me.

The best part is this!
3. "Life directions coaching” Net meeting discussion on career development.

(45mins 3 sessions/ year)
a. Q&A session – learn together, hear together, and grow together.

Expected to be conducted in March, June, September, December 2011. It is a free revision for 2 years. Awesome right?!!!

My Target Group:
1. Undergraduates especially year 2 onwards
2. Working graduates first 1-2 years
3. Corporate participants

I hope my little effort in helping the undergraduates will make our future workforce become more competent in skills, having good life values, and understand their own purpose in life.

Are you interested? If yes, "Just fricking take action!" Contact our Young Rich Successful (YRS) Ambassador!

New Note:
Corporate tuition fees is really great difference to the undergraduates. My objective is very clear here - to help the undergraduates to prepare themselves in the work life! So, take your opportunity!

My Mind and My Heart

on Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back to Malacca, my lovely hometown.

Just finish chating with my mum and sister. Everyone is back to their room now.
Tonight seems to be a cool and peaceful night for me to have some "reflection time"

Throughout the day, I realised some conflicts happen in my mind and heart. My heart keeps telling me this is what I must do, yet my mind tells me this is not the right time to do it. Have you gone through similar experience?

"Ability" VS "limitation". Most of the time, we have the ability to do what we want in life, yet we set our own limitation, giving us the excuses and reasons of not doing it. Can I say that ability comes from the heart and limitation caused by the mind? Why say so? because many times I heard this: "if this guy have the right attitude (heart), then nothing can stops him from achieving his goals (ability)!" It is like driving an awesome Porsche, I know that the car have the ability to speed in highway, yet I keep pulling the hand brake while driving, making it tough to accelerate. I realised that it is not the ability that stops me for progressing, it is the limitation that hinders me all this while!

I heard someone told me "wisdom" means taking action on what I already knew, be it a right attitude, skills, or knowledge. Otherwise, I can learn and learn and learn and learn...... and become "intelligent", yet it doesnt serve me in life. A concept can be easily understood by an 8 years old kid (Praise others all the time!) , yet cannot be fulfilled by an 80 years old man (Blaming and accusing others all the time!). I understand but I didnt do it! sounds familiar? lols....

I ask my brain "is this the right time, right situation, right thing to do now?" It normally hesitates, giving me some good reasons for procastination, and never do it. If I ask my heart "why I want to do it?" I gain the new energy and my higher self will normally say" Just fricking do it!"

The Warrior In Us

on Sunday, October 24, 2010

One of my favourite movie is "Facing the Giants" (2006) whereby the coach train up the team with his passion and determination, in return they did their best in every single battle they went into.

The best part is the "death crawl" where the coach challenges one of the key player to exceed his limitations and use his heart not his physical strengths to go through the tough moments, thats really inspired me. Sometimes i watch this part of the movie over and over again because it gaves me great inspiration and determination to work towards my goals in life.

I just came back from a 4-days warrior training camp. It was fantastic! There is one part of the training which actually gave me the same impact as "death crawl". It was damn fricking exhausted!!! Yet, the coach wants us to go on and on....then I realised that sometimes I thought I had done my very best in life, yet in actual I underestimated my true capabilities and potentials. And the key factors of getting what I want at the highest level of my life, is to live the "purpose" of life bigger than the challenges I faced. Knowing cystal clear my motivation behind whatever I do is so crucial as it will give great energy and power to continue my pursuance during tough times.
The warriors are willing to sacrifice and went all way out to fight in the battle, either succeed or die, because the great purpose behind their action is to protect the children, the spouse, the family members and the nation ! That's no turning back in the "battle". So, Go Go Go!